Monday, January 3, 2011

Thank You 2010

Happy New Year! We had a quiet night with friends in Waterloo, which included a yummy lasagna dinner courtesy of the Millers. I originally wasn't too thrilled about staying to watch the fireworks, but I'm glad we battled the crowds. The photo is courtesy of my husband. He finally figured out the settings on our camera!

2010 was an exciting year for us. The first six months are a blur for me - a quick trip to London to find a flat, the husband moving 6 weeks later, shipping our lives in a sea crate, moving to my MIL's house for 5 weeks, finding a new job at my company, and finally renting our house in WH. I think the dog had it the worst as the innocent bystander in all of this. We wouldn't change a thing though. It was worth every minute of stress.


Maureen said...

You certainly had quite the year! That picture is fabulous. Love reading about your adventures, and can't wait to continue in 2011. Happy New Year!

Emily said...

What a great year! Thanks for your sweet comment on my Resolutions post - good luck to you this year!