Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Style

I posted months ago about our flat desperately needing some TLC in the form of colour (and blogger is now correcting all of my US English to UK English, how lovely!). I bought this Jonathan Adler duvet on eBay over Christmas and it finally arrived yesterday.

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Yes, brown is my idea of colour these days. Since a certain black and tan puppy likes to sleep with us, and lounge on the bed during the day, our days of all white bedding are over. I did find some white Euro shams and a white valence (aka bed skirt in the good 'ole USA) on sale, so those are checked off the list. The orange accents won't work for us. I plan to spend some of this afternoon on Etsy hunting for pillows.

Happy lazy Sunday and football watching to all of you back home.


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Ahem, you have not just one, but two sisters who are now sewing. Find some fabric you like and I'll make you some pillows! I like a good, fun project.