Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Travel Credits 2010

Living in London means that travel options are endless. It still amazes me that we can leave work on a Friday evening, hop on the train to Heathrow or Gatwick, and be somewhere in Europe about two hours later. Throw in low cost airlines, and you'd be a fool not to take advantage of booking weekends away each month. Not to mention the fact that long-haul travel also seems so much easier from Europe!

Before I moved in May, I said my goodbyes with weekends in Columbus, Ohio, Round Hill, VA, and Aliso Viejo, CA. Here's where we had the pleasure of traveling during my seven months here:

Marbella, Spain
Bordeaux, France
Shannon, Ireland
Ibiza, Spain
Praslin, Republic of Seychelles
Munich, Germany
Sultanate of Oman

My list pales in comparison to other expats here, but hopefully we'll play catch up in 2011.

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Maureen said...

Fabulous! Love reading about your adventures. I am living vicariously through your travels as EQ, NY is the extent of my 2010 travel. What fun!