Monday, March 23, 2009

National Puppy Day!

OK, I'm a day late for many reasons...mainly because I fell asleep on the subway last night, skipped the gym and came home to a maniac puppy who had eaten an ENTIRE nylabone from 3:30-7:00 after Erica left. I can't fault Erica at all for leaving it with Vella in her cage. She's teething and nylabones or booda bones are the only thing that give her relief. Well, let's just say i was cleaning up nylabone that was coming out both ends all night.

So, yesterday was National Puppy Day! If you're considering adding to your family, please adopt from a shelter or rescue organization. I can't tell you how much joy Vella has brought to our lives, even when she pulls stunts like she did yesterday. It feels great to give such a sweet gal a forever home.

So how did we celebrate? Some extra organic Good Dog treats (wheat and corn free apple dumpling to settle her tummy), extra play time outside tonight (dishes and laundry can wait!) and I've been shopping for Spring/Summer items for the little gal. We need a throw for the couch, some extra dishes and a new cover or two for her bed.

Dog Bed Photo Courtesy of

And don't forget, April 11 is National Pet Day and April is Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month. You know I'll be blogging about those :-)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Recessionista, Bargainista

I'll admit that I'm not always the most frugal shopper, but I've made some big changes the past few months (and there are more on the horizon!). We've seen many friends lose jobs in the past year and let's face it, none of us are really immune from what's going on...job losses, 401k's in the toilet, I don't need to remind any of you!

Here's what we're doing to save. How about you?
  • Virtually eliminated eating out, especially picking up breakfast on the way to work or buying lunch! We limit ourselves to one dinner out on the weekends. It's healthier to cook at home too. No more buying groceries in the City either. We buy everything out East and bring it back on Sunday nights.
  • Personal training sessions at Equinox...oh how I loved those sessions! They kicked my butt in to shape in 2006 before the wedding in 2006 and I kept up with them for years after the Big Day. But with a new schedule that revolves around puppy, I'm continuing the core training on my own. Savings = $190/week. Gulp, hope the Husband doesn't see this one!
  • I've always been a Target, TJ Maxx, Old Navy, eBay, Wal-Mart shopper. There were always purchases here and there though that wouldn't exactly fall in to that list. OK, I love nice shoes and bags, and JCrew has always been a weak spot for me. So, we're on a strict, "If it's more than $19.99, you don't buy it!" plan. BTW, if you haven't signed up for eBates yet, get over there and create and account. I've racked up almost $50 in cash since December.
  • We're moving the car to a garage that's $150 less a month! It's 3 blocks away from apartment, so we lose the convenience of just jumping in the elevator to get in the car, but who cares.
  • If our management company doesn't lower our rent 15-20% in a few months, we're out of here. Comparable apartments in the 'hood are renting for $300-500 less a months.Cell phones, car insurance, renters insurance, homeowners around, there are deals everywhere.

First Day of Spring!

And it's snowing in New York City! NYC weather never lets us down.

The Husband is in Vegas through the weekend for his annual March Madness/gambling fest, so that leaves us girls on our own. I plan to catch up on sleep and clean out the closets. If it's nice out, Vella will get plenty of outside time in Central Park and on the East River promenade. I also have Adrienne's baby shower on Sunday. I've put together a big basket of goodies for her and can't wait to celebrate.

Is it 5:00 yet?

Monday, March 16, 2009


Miss Vella was the star of the area we staked out at the parade! She even climbed up in to my arms and on my shoulder so she could catch a glance of the floats (and give one-year old Tanner Shanley a few kisses too!).

Saturday, March 14, 2009

St. Patty's Day in Westhampton

We had a great day at the parade! We didn't know it was such an event and lucked out with sunny skies, temps in the high 40's. Vella was a trooper and walked the entire way from the house to Town (a mile each way!). She made friends with EVERYONE on the parade route, including lots of other dogs and a few horses too. Matt and Vella are asleep in the living room...we're all exhausted. Pictures to come early this week.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

In Like a Lion (and hopefully Out Like a Lamb!)

Where did February go? I'm glad it's March because that means warmer weather is around the corner, but that snowstorm last week was a nasty one and a reminder that we have a good 6 weeks before the flip flops come out of hiding!

I had a great trip two weeks ago to see Megan in Columbus. We slept in, went shopping (I scored some big bargains at Old Navy, run over and get them while they last), had some great meals (Tuccis is a must visit if you're in the area), and saw Grandma for a few hours on Sunday.

We packed up Vella on Saturday and went to CT. Thank you Mike, Bonnie, Ryan, Ethan and Leo for a fun afternoon! Vella was jealous that Leo got to run around in the mud. Next time Vella!

This should be a quiet week. I'm looking forward to dinner group on Wednesday night and relaxing out at the house this weekend.