Sunday, April 18, 2010

Out of my Comfort Zone

I ordered these last week and it's safe to say that they are 100% out of my comfort zone. But hey, what isn't these days? Erin (aka Blue Eyed Bride) posted an offer for free shipping through a friend who is a consultant with Stella & Dot. These beauties arrived and I'm glad I took a chance. Now I just need a date with my husband!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Locked the Door for the Last Time!

I've spent the past two weeks visiting family and moving out of the apartment. I locked the door on the apartment for the last time on Thursday night. It was bittersweet since we'd been on the UES for 5 years together, 9 years in total me, but I know that we're starting a new adventure.

I'll spend the next few weeks on LI and commute to the City for work. I'm in the process of booking my one-way ticket for early May, but waiting a few days to see how the Icelandic volcano continues to affect flights. I'll leave you with a picture of my niece. Her big brother is very anti-picture these days, it's tough be a 4-year old! I had such a fun trip to see them...we even hit Disneyland.

And in other news, we're EXTREMELY excited my younger sister who has a new sparkly ring on her left hand.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Loving Lands End

Susan at Love, Life and Labradors posted about Lands End yesterday and I thought I share too. Lands End has been a favorite the past few weeks. It's one of a few US retailers that will ship overseas, but I can't stomach the starting price of $28 via Priority Air and 2-4 week timeline. Above are some of my top picks (I haven't worn any of them yet because the weather has been so terrible, but I can say the quality and colors are great). I went up a size in the jeans and had the waist taken in since I'm always dealing with about 1/2-1" of extra fabric in the back (according to fit charts, I'm "curvy." Yay.). I went down a size in both the polo and cardigan. If you can get to a Sears and try things on, I recommend making a trip to the fitting rooms since the fits seem to vary even with the new Fit 1,2,3 system.