Monday, March 29, 2010

Caught in the Act

No doubt ordering an Aerobed of her own since she's taken to sleeping on mine while I'm at work! We shipped the furniture last Wednesday, so I'm living in an empty apartment with some suitcases. It's somewhat liberating, but also mildly depressing to hear the echo in this place. In other news, I need to stop shopping and using the excuse, "But I won't be able to buy this over there!" Ebay and Lands End are the flavors of the week.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Half Marathon #2 under my Belt!

I'm not quite sure how I pulled this off today with everything that's going on in life right now. I finished with a PB of 2:05. PSA: Do not follow my example of sporadic training and running no more than 8 miles before race day.

Maybe it was the weather?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rainy Sunday

I didn't "play" much today. I did sneak for brunch with H and A at Rue 57, but I was all business the rest of the day. Our final drawers and hall closet have been cleaned out and organized. Now, I wait for the movers and tie up loose ends over the course of the next week.

I won't show you the before, but two hours later I made it to this:

We're fairly organized, but this closet is the largest we have and had turned in to a dumping ground for "stuff." Stuff we don't need or use very often. Gone are the piles of wedding stuff (we've been married 4 years this year), Christmas decorations and other junk. Everything has a home and these containers will fit nicely in to the closets we have in London.

In other news, Vella spent the afternoon supervising from her bed.

Monday, March 8, 2010

One Hot Monday Night

Vella and I have a date with these two!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

We Survived our First Week!

Matt flew to London a little over a week ago. He's surviving without his girls. Vella and I are surviving. That's the only way to sum it up right now. Poor Vella, she's been really confused. I think she'll settle in this week and I learned not to put Matt on speaker phone. That was torture for all of us.

I'll spare everyone the rental saga, but we didn't sign a lease until almost three weeks after our visit to London. We'll be in Notting Hill and unfortunately, Hugh Grant didn't come with the apartment. I believe there are Hugh and Colin Firth sightings though, so I'll keep my eyes open once I'm across the pond.

I'll leave you with some very bad pictures of the kitchen and reception room (aka living room to all of us Americans). This will be the largest apartment we've ever lived in together, with an astounding two bedroom and two bathrooms. Control yourselves New Yorkers :-) It doesn't look like much now, but we have some fun things planned for every room. I can't wait to share the progress in 6-8 weeks.