Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Heck of a Week

The past 48 hours are a total blur! We landed in London via Rome from the Seychelles (does that even make sense?) on Tuesday morning. I quickly changed my clothes and headed to the office. Vella arrived on Wednesday morning and we've spent the past two days getting her settled. She's doing really well. A little jet lagged, but very happy to see her Mom and Dad (as predicted, she slept in between us last night...some habits never die).

I'll leave you with two pictures and save the rest for the weekend. Is it 5:00pm on Friday yet? Looking forward to our first weekend here in London as a family.


Maureen said...

Yeah! Vella's home with her parents. I was in Westhampton Beach today - we love to visit the ducks. Hope all is well.

Riema's Journey said...

nice pics. I love london!