Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rosedale v. Rosedale Challenge

T-minus 5 weeks until our August vacation (that's holiday for you folks here in London). Matt and I have challenged each other to a friendly competition of super shape up by the end of July. I have birthday this week, Matt has a birthday in September, and we have an anniversary in September...and let's just say we're both noticing our age! Remember the line from Steel Magnolias? "Honey, time marches on and eventually you realize it is marchin' across your face." Yes, Truvy, it is!

We're both avid runners and could run circles around most people, and neither of us really need to lose significant pounds, so we're talking about each of us maybe losing in the single digits. Progress will be measured in body fat. Doesn't that sound fun?

We've instituted a no chip (aka french fries) and crisps (aka potato chips) policy for the month of July. We've also stocked the fridge with plenty of food choices. So what's cooking this week?
Note: I should caveat this with the fact that we don't believe in low fat, fat-free, or sugar-free foods unless they occur that way in nature...lucky for us we're in Europe where the idea of fat-free cheese would make some poor soul die of a heart attack.

Monday: Bacon, cheddar, leek quiche + Fresh green salad w/ walnuts and chevre
Tuesday: Broiled chicken + Rice pilau + Steamed veggies
Wednesday: Zucchini and shrimp pasta w/ freshly grate parmigiano reggiano and pine nuts
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: We'll be on a flight, so I'll bring fruit, nuts and other snacks

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ms. mindless said...

your menu for the weeks sounds divine! i have been terrible and ordering takeout like a fiend. maybe that's why the bathing suit shopping was so terrible...ha!