Friday, January 8, 2010

Out with the Old

I'm off to get my four wisdom teeth out, which I should have done over 10 years ago. The worst part? No coffee this morning!

Update 1 @ 12noon: Home and thinking, "That was breeze!" Yeah, right. My next update when the numbness is gone might be filled with four-letter words. Time to order some soup and ice cream. That's the best part of NYC, you can order anything you want 24 hours a day.

Update 2 @ 4pm: Are they serious? I'm STILL NUMB. I haven't eaten because I can't feel anything yet. I'm starving.

Update @ 3pm: Word of the day kids: HYDROCODONE. That's hI-drO-'kO-dOn. noun: a habit-forming compoundC18H21NO3 derived from codeine and used as an analgesic and cough sedative called also.

It's always nice and comforting to see "habit-forming" in a drug description.


Katie said...

I had my wisdom teeth out a few years ago. I feel your pain. Hopefully you have some pain killers! No great food here though so I survived on canned soup and KFC mashed potatoes! Feel better soon!

MER said...

I had matzoh ball soup and mashed from a diner, so not too exciting. I told Matt that I REALLY wanted a burger or a burrito though. Ha!

Beth Dunn said...
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