Monday, March 23, 2009

National Puppy Day!

OK, I'm a day late for many reasons...mainly because I fell asleep on the subway last night, skipped the gym and came home to a maniac puppy who had eaten an ENTIRE nylabone from 3:30-7:00 after Erica left. I can't fault Erica at all for leaving it with Vella in her cage. She's teething and nylabones or booda bones are the only thing that give her relief. Well, let's just say i was cleaning up nylabone that was coming out both ends all night.

So, yesterday was National Puppy Day! If you're considering adding to your family, please adopt from a shelter or rescue organization. I can't tell you how much joy Vella has brought to our lives, even when she pulls stunts like she did yesterday. It feels great to give such a sweet gal a forever home.

So how did we celebrate? Some extra organic Good Dog treats (wheat and corn free apple dumpling to settle her tummy), extra play time outside tonight (dishes and laundry can wait!) and I've been shopping for Spring/Summer items for the little gal. We need a throw for the couch, some extra dishes and a new cover or two for her bed.

Dog Bed Photo Courtesy of

And don't forget, April 11 is National Pet Day and April is Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month. You know I'll be blogging about those :-)

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