Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Wednesday

I got nothing! Here's what I've been up to lately, it isn't very exciting.

Work, work and more work
Playing with Vella
Spring cleaning
Dinner with Baris and Liz, our fellow carniwhores, at Libertatdor
Making necklaces (stay tuned, Etsy store will be open soon!)

We head to Westhampton this weekend. We haven't been out there much and need to start getting ready for the warm weather! Vella also has her first obedience class. Fingers crossed my intellectually gifted girl is the star of the class :-) I also plan to squeeze in a trip to Home Goods in Riverhead.

Passover starts next Wednesday and we'll have friends over for dinner. I'm menu planning. Not sure what we'll do for Easter since it's during Passover and that limits what I can cook (for all you gentiles who aren't familiar with Passover, that means no bread, flour etc.). Any suggestions? Funny thing is pork is like another food group in our house, so ham is always an option! Kind of ironic, right?!? Only at the Rosedales.

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