Thursday, November 5, 2009

Change of Plans, Thanks Vella!

Note: If you order the dress, order up a size for the arms and have the rest of the dress taken in to fit you. The arms are really small, as in made for a super-model who hasn't eaten in three years and has twigs for upper arms.

I'm wearing this to an event tonight. I should be wearing these with it...

Vella had something else in mind since she ATE the right shoe this morning. Yup, chewed the heel to bits while I was in the shower. She plucked the shoe right off the "needs to go with me to work" pile on the bed. So, I'm wearing a pair of JCrew Big Bow slingbacks instead. Life goes on, they're just shoes. JCrew doesn't sell them anymore, I'll have to look on eBay. But I did tell my little Odie if she does it again, she's getting a one-way ticket to Abu Dhabi.


Megan said...

That's to get back at your for the lobster costume. I told you she would chew something...:-)

Katie said...

LOVE, LOVE the dress!! I checked it out online but I am still in my "transitional" clothes. I need to follow your workout to get back in shape pronto!! Sorry about the shoes :( but Vella is so cute that I am sure it is hard to stay mad for too long!