Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weekly Workouts

Fitness is a part of my life that I haven't shared here outside of running the NYC 1/2 Marathon in August. It's my way of staying healthy, keeping my sanity. And, I have to do something to justify eating total crap on the weekends (and other moments that will not be mentioned). For those of you who haven't hit 30 yet, trust me on this one, your 30's are a WHOLE new ball game.

Let's rewind and I'll take you through my fitness journey. I'm glad I can laugh about this now, b/c it wasn't so funny at the time.

Early 1990's - High School...I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain a pound. I ran CC and played softball.
Mid to Late 1990's - College...I have two words for you, JIM BEAM. Oh wait, I have two more, POKEY STIX (all of you UVA and ACC folks are familiar with Gumby's). Working out was sporadic at best, and throw in a bout with Mono + steroids, and my weight went up, and up, like 15-20 pounds. I looked bloated and disgusting. I lost it all in my 4th year due to stress.
2000 to 2005 - Corporate gym membership! Total discipline.
2005 - Full time job, graduate school. No time for anything, I'm crabby, I cancel my gym membership. 10 lbs follow.
2006 - Wedding planning was in full swing. I was disgusted by pictures from a long weekend in the Dominican Republic (that's another post, let's just we won't be going back). Swift action taken by reinstating my Equinox membership and signing up for Personal Training.

And, here I am almost 4 years later in maintenance mode. I think wisdom comes with your 30's and you just get comfortable with your body.

I've noticed much discussion in blogland lately about how hard it is to weave exercise in to your daily routine, keep it interesting and/or see results. So, I thought I'd start sharing my weekly workout schedule. This is what works for me and may work for others. I'm not a licensed trainer and far from an expert, but I can share how I keep up with working out and make it more fun. Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions! I'll even post links to sites where you can see descriptions of some might even have a flashback to GYM class with mountain climbers and burpees.


Monday - 3 mile run; 1 mile on the stairmaster
Tuesday - Core Strength Training
Wednesday - Day Off
Thursday - Core Strength Training
Friday - 4 mile run
Saturday - Day Off
Sunday - 5 mile run

Here's a sample core strength training circuit. Each move in each circuit is 10-12 reps depending on your fitness level. Repeat each circuit 3 times and ending the workout with abs.

1. One-leg Squats with a bicep curl and press; Reverse Lunge with a Pulldown (using a lat pulldown machine or something similar); Tricep extension w/ a bench press (your back is on the bench); 2-minute sprint on the treadmill (you know, the kind where you feel like you might be sick)

2. Kettlebell swing (20-30 of these instead of the 12-15); Rows w/ a kettlebell in each hand; Walking lunges holding a kettlebell in each hand.

3. Two different ab exercises such a bicycles or vertical leg crunch.