Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Monday

Starr Boggs was delicious on Saturday night. We had a great anniversary dinner. Thank you for the kind words! The weather in WH was gorgeous yesterday and we spent the day outside by the pool. The pool and hot tub will be winterized later this week. Sniff, sniff. I have a feeling that the mid 70's and blue skies will be leaving us soon though...Fall is in the air in NYC today.

I cleaned out all of my clothes this weekend and it feels great to get things organized. I'm totally a type-A person and our closets/drawers are never really out of control, but it was great to go through everything piece by piece. I'll be listing things on eBay. Pictures and details to follow. I'll be offering free shipping on everything, even multiple purchases.

Did I mention that I hate JCrew cashmere? When I was pulling out my sweaters from their storage bins, I remembered how easily it pills and just looks like crap after a few wearings. And don't get me going about how it looks like junk if you hand wash it once a season vs. dry cleaning. I've tried all of the tricks. Seriously, save your money. Buy merino wool. End of discussion.

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Heather said...

I feel the same way about JCrew cashmere. Ugh. Brooks Bros seems to be good quality though.