Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It's being storming all day and I was reminded that we were in Brazil one year ago this week! Why did the storms remind me of this? Well, we sat on the runway at Newark for 4 hours, made the 12-hour flight, missed our connection in Sao Paolo and arrived in Rio almost 24 hours after we left our apartment. Fun! We had a great time in Brazil, but it was exhausting on so many levels. We went to a wedding in Rio (by the way, they have a room with nothing but candy and desserts at Brazilians weddings! Yum!), then we were off to Praia do Forte, Salvador and Natal. Brazilians speak Portuguese...I'm fluent in Spanish. Doesn't help and it's actually offensive to try the old Spanish! So, I could read everything, but he had some trouble getting around. All in though, we really look forward to vacations and I'm glad we had the opportunity to make this trip. The husband works crazy hours, so we take every vacation we can get.
We'll take another big trip later this year or early next year. The current contenders are Northern India or South Africa.

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