Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Musings

It's 12:45 here and I'm anxiously awaiting the start of College Game Day on ESPN America. You can take this girl out of America, but I'm still as American as Apple Pie. I'm an ACC fan and our family has a long history of being OSU fans (shout out to you Meg!). My husband could care less. Have pity on him, his Alma Mater is in the Ivy League. Football and the Ivy League? Eh, not so much. I received my Fall UVA Alumni Magazine this week and had a was all about getting dressed up and tailgating. What I wouldn't give for some Big Jim's BBQ right now.

I'm a golf widow today, so Vella and I are hanging out. We head to NY in a few weeks, so I'm taking stock of things I need and placing orders online. We're headed out tonight with some good friends who moved here about a month after I arrived. They have an amazing roof deck, so if the weather cooperates, I'll snap some pictures tonight.

Back to fighting the dog hair that is forming tumbleweeds in our hall.

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Maureen said...

Yeah - football and fall! Have a great night.