Monday, September 20, 2010

Oven:1 Rosedale:0

My bran muffins are now bran loaf. Chances of that tasting good? Slim to none! 99.9% sure it's going in the trash. My big, fat, American muffin tin doesn't stand a chance against my Euro oven. My husband's response? "Well, no big deal. We can just saw the muffin tin in half and keep using it." Um, sure. Or we could buy a new muffin tin for £8. Genius.


Katie said...

I won't complain about my oven anymore and my desire to have two full size ovens, six burner cooktop and large warming drawer. BTW, I was trying to find the pound sign on the keyboard. Do you have to have a euro keyboard? Silly question, but curious.

MER said...

Hilarious! I know, I'll never complain again when we move back to the US in a few years. Wait until I post about our combo washer/dryer with the unbelievably fast 2-hour wash cycle! We don't have a Euro keyboard at home, but I have one at work. I just copy and past the sign because I don't know where it is either.