Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bagels in London

Bagels are terrible in London. Horrible. They're basically bread with no texture since they aren't boiled. I would say NYC and Long Island bagels are one of the only things we miss. So, we trekked to Golders Green today in search of bagels. Golders Green has a significant Jewish population, and you can find traditional kosher bakeries, kosher butchers and Judaica stores in the area. The bagels weren't the best we've ever had, but certainly better than anything in Central London! I'll give Carmelli a B+. We brought home a dozen. I'll head back from time to time to pick up more to have on hand for breakfast and the holidays.

We had a very lazy afternoon, capped off with a drink at the Champion and dinner at home. We also watched Ice Age us Mr. and Mrs. excitement!

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Maureen said...

I sent Todd to get me a bagel most mornings we were out east. I miss them too, and I'm in VA! :)