Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Long Way to Go

The flight was just the beginning! I have a wonderful husband who spent hours getting things unpacked and organized last weekend. Here's a teaser picture of the living room. The living room, dining room and kitchen will come together quickly. The bedrooms are another story. We're basically starting from scratch. It took me two years to pick out bedding for one room in New York City. At that rate, I won't choose anything here in London.

I didn't sleep much on the overnight flight and spent most of today tying up loose ends for my role in New York. Matt and I will have dinner tonight and I'll head to the London office tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to putting names with faces after hours of phone conversations.

This weekend? Sleep and exploring Notting Hill!


lisagh said...

So happy that you made it there safely. Looking forward to exploring London with you!

Katie said...

Hi Molly, So glad you made it! I know you are so happy for you and the hubby to be in same place. Can't wait to hear all about it. Your place looks so bright and cheerful! But what about Vella?? How did her trip go?

Maureen said...

Yeah, you've arrived. Sending good thoughts for an easy transition. Can't wait to hear all about it. This is so very exciting for me - I get to live vicariously through your adventures!