Monday, August 3, 2009

Remember THAT girl?!?

Every class had one...she was just a bully and an all around bad seed. I just met her on the street and her evil little black pug! I took Vella out for her after-dinner walk and there was a black pug tearing down the sidewalk (side note: who lets a dog off of a leash in NYC?). Vella immediately stopped in her tracks and sat down. This is her way of coping with rowdy dogs since she's still a baby. The pug was jumping all over us, so I politely asked the owner to call her dog so we could continue down the block. She started YELLING at me, telling me that her dog wouldn't do anything and to mind my own business. I held my tongue, picked up Vella and started walking. So what did she do? She kept YELLING at me as I walked down the sidewalk, saying how embarrassed I should be to have to pick up my dog and walk away (there was an obscenity in there that I won' repeat and let's just say the accent was NJ or SI). Um, I should be embarrassed? Now, I've lived in NYC for nine years and after you're here for a few weeks, or maybe hours, you quickly realize that this can be a cruel city. It's times like this that I 1. Want to call my parents and thank them for raising me to always treat people with respect and 2. Want to run and move back down South!

Next time I see her, I'm reporting her for having her evil dog off leash on the UES! Crazy girl.

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Caroline said...

Love your blog swap sista! :)
Your little fur baby, Vella, is cute as can be.
xoxo Caroline