Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where do Saturdays go?

Thankfully, it's a three-day weekend. Saturday is a blur. We got a late start yesterday, leaving the City around 1:00. Bad Rosedales - we decided to stop at Century 21 in Westbury on the way to Westhampton. This is never a good idea for two reasons: 1. You're in for at least a two-hour stay because you have to sort through the racks and 2. You're in for at least a $250 shopping trip because you have to sort through the racks.

So, what did we find? I was good and didn't purchase anything. Matt's two biggest bargains were Battistoni ties. These retail for up to $125 each...he paid $18 for each of them! Reading this in NYC, Brooklyn or LI? They had Ferragamo and Vineyard Vines, among other brands. I also spotted some Vilbrequin linen shirts and pants. I didn't see any Lilly yet.

By the time we arrived at the house, it was 5:00. We had a very exciting evening that involved a trip to Target, dinner, and an episode of No Reservations.

I'm off to do grocery shopping and swing by Michaels later today. Maybe I'll stop at the Gap or JCrew outlets too and look for some socks...wild and crazy, I know!

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