Friday, January 2, 2009

Goodbye 2008 and Welcome 2009!

This is my first post, so I thought it was a good opportunity to recap 2008 and officially welcome the New Year.

It's been quite a year! I closed out 2007 by wrapping up the three-year MBA saga (a big thank you to Mom and Dad for making the trip in May for the official graduation and celebration), taking a much-needed break in Virginia with family, and a hopping on a plane for a 7-day getaway with Matt and the O'Haras in Acapulco (also the site of our engagement in January 2005). And being the kid who could never sit still, I came back to NYC in January and resigned from the firm where I kicked off an eight-year career out of undergrad. No need to worry though, I began an adventure at a new company in February and if I have my way I'll be here for quite a long time.

Matt and I started a home search in early 2008. What began as "just looking" quickly turned in to Saturday's on the road in Hamptonland with the most lovely Broker in all of the Hamptons. We put in a bid in March and the rest is history...well, not without the hiccup of Molly being in the Turks and Caicos the week the sellers were finally ready to close and Matt caught in the middle of a Wall Street downsizing storm. The Happy Ending was Matt closing on the house and surviving what would be the first of many rounds of layoffs. Big thanks to Adam, Matt's Best Man from the wedding and our fearless attorney, for guiding us through the process.

We had many visitors in Westhampton this Summer and Fall. We anxiously awaited Fridays each week, and the cooking out and beach time that followed each weekend! I was thrilled that Amy, James and Genevieve spent a weekend with us in August. Megan and Mark followed for a Labor Day weekend visit and the US Open. We're still working on getting Mom and Dad to Westhampton this Spring.

We joined other Cornell alumni at Aaron and Adriana's Rio nuptials in late July. We traveled to Praia do Forte, Salvador and Natal for two weeks in early August, and we're thrilled to add another Brazil to our travel log.

Fall and Winter have been filled with lots of trips to Home Depot and learning the ropes of home ownership. We know that we're blessed to have this getaway. It has changed our lives on so many fronts.

Visit often for updates this year. I'll be covering everything from my desks in NYC and Westhampton, and no topics are off limits. Decorating and renovating, vacations, visitors, family and friends, and the "creative projects" I have'll hear about it all.

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