Saturday, June 6, 2009

Coming to you from VA!

I'm sitting on my parents back porch right now and it's nice to have a project-free Saturday. The guys are finishing up the first day of a member-guest tournament. Mom and I hit downtown Leesburg, which has come a long way since the days that I lived here in Loudoun County. My favorite shops were Savannah's and the Persnickety Palm. I have to say that I didn't do much for the economy today. I picked up some old milk glass dishes for our guest rooms (guests can use them for jewelry or change when they stay over), a pair of linen Bermuda shorts marked down to $28, but nothing else did anything for me at the price tags I kept seeing.

I did get an idea for our hallway. I'm currently watching a bunch of antique Morris prints on eBay. They'll look great with a taupe linen mat and silver gilt frame.
Not familiar with Morris prints? Here's the rundown:
"These rare prints are actual plates from a book titled A Natural History of the Nests and Eggs of British Birds by Rev. F.O. Morris, dated 1896. The plates were produced by Benjamin Fawcett of Yorkshire, a notable Victorian printer who developed the process of color printing from wood-blocks."

This is an egg print, but I've found everything from birds, to ferns and shells.

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