Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome to the Family!

We've been talking about adding to the family for quite a while. We walked in to Bideawee on Valentines Day and met an adorable little Heinz 57...the rest is history. Meet Vella Violet! Our little Southern Belle came to us from Tennessee. She settled in SO quickly. We spent Sunday night out in Westhampton, making a quick stop to meet Marion, Cindy and Mona on Monday afternoon (thank you for the gifts!), and took her first walk in NYC in stride. She even slept through the night (fingers crossed this continues). We have the best dog walker ever, Erica, stopping by twice a day for exercise, play time and love.
We're now in full time potty and leash training. Wish us luck. More Vella updates to come.

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lisagh said...

Holy cuteness! You must be absolutely in love!